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October 31st, 2006 by Keith

Drupal 5.0 Beta 1 Released

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Good news for Drupal users. The most exciting beta release of Drupal 5.0 Beta 1 has been released! It comes with several new features, including a web-based install system, improved administration tools, and a totally shiny new theme.

Drupal is an open source content management software, equipped with a powerful blend of features. Supporting a large variety of ranging from personal weblogs to podcast sites and community driven sites, Drupal has also been used to serve large media sites.

Underneath this latest version 5 of Drupal includes lots of improvements, such as the inclusion of jQuery Javascript Library, node access system improvement (ACL), Form API improvement, and even more.

Download the source here.

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October 31st, 2006 by Keith

WordPress 2.0.5 Released

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The latest stable version of WordPress 2.0.5 has been released! Named after the son of Ryan Boren, WordPress 2.0.5 is codenamed Ronan.

In this version, there are 50 over bug fixes and all WordPress users are highly recommended to upgrade to this latest version. For more information, you can check out the development tracker, or for more details, check out Mark’s blog post.

Download Link:
WordPress 2.0.5

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October 30th, 2006 by Keith

CryptoExpert 2006 Lite – Protect Yourself Today

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CryptoExpert 2006 Lite 6.6.6, released on October 28, 2006, is a powerful encryption utility that creates encrypted virtual disks drives, which are mounted as though they are physical drives with specific drive letters on your Windows operating system.

Data stored on these CryptoExpert disk, are actually encompassed in a container file, which is highly encrypted. This container file can be back up easily, since it is a file and can be moved or copied to another media device, such as CD-ROM. When the virtual disk is open, users can read and write the data to the disk, as though it is a conventional removable disk. Once it is encrypted, unauthorised user will not be able to identify the content within the container file. It simply appears as a single file. You can do anything with a CryptoExpert virtual drive that you can do with a normal hard drive; only that with CryptoExpert, the encrypted volumes require password authentication before the files become accessible.


  • - Using powerful encryption algorithm to encrypt your data: CAST 128 bit
  • - Ability to create encrypted containers (files vault) up to 20 Megabytes in size
  • - Access to your files on virtual volume on the fly
  • - Mapping any free drive letter like G:, F:, K: for virtual volume
  • - Requires password authentication before the files become accessible
  • - Works with all Windows application – even DOS applications
  • - Really Fast
  • - Looks like normal hard drive
  • Available for download, CryptoExpert Lite is free on-the-fly encryption utility software. Don’t miss this, if you are looking to secure your data in your hard disk drive.

    Download Link:
    CryptoExpert 2006 Lite 6.6.6

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    October 28th, 2006 by Keith

    Jetico Personal Firewall Beta

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    Jetico Personal Firewall

    Still running on Windows Firewall? Perhaps it is time that you should move on and install a reasonably useful firewall. There are a couple over the Internet, such as ZoneAlarm. However, if you are interested in free firewall solution other than using ZoneAlarm, you can try Jetico Personal Firewall 2.0 Beta.

    With Jetico Personal Firewall, it does what firewall usually do; that is, to protect your computer from unwanted hacker’s intrusion and from potentially maclicious programs secretly residing in your computer attempting to manipulate the system registry. This software has three levels of protection, i.e., low-level network packets filtering, application-level network events filtering and filtering of user-level process activity.

    As quoted by majorgeeks,

    Jetico Personal Firewall checks every packet that comes in or out of your computer. Using configuration sets for Security Policy you define how your computer is connected to the local network and the whole Internet. Your computer may be completely hidden from any unfriendly attempts to access your hard drive while you are able to access any web sites you want and you decide on which applications are allowed to access Internet and which are not.

    Before installing the program, it is important to read the Installation Note, which says:

    • * Jetico Personal Firewall v2 is beta software. It has numerous improvements and may contain bugs.
    • * Please do not use it on production systems.
    • * Please uninstall previous versions of Jetico Personal Firewall software before installing this one.
    • * Jetico Personal Firewall package does not contain Configuration Wizard program.

    While there is potential inJetico Personal Firewall becoming one of the favourite home user program, do note that it is still in development stage. Nothing is to be guaranteed.

    Download Link:
    Jetico Personal Firewall Beta

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    October 27th, 2006 by Keith

    The Psychedelic Site – Free Font Collection

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    Are you someone interested in the various different types of fonts? Where some comes pre-installed in the operating systems, other will required purchases or downloads. Generally, you can get free fonts from the Internet, such as The Psychedelic Site.

    According to the site owner, the collection of psychedelic and retro fonts are splitted into two parts and are all in the *.tff format.

    Download the fonts from the site today.

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    October 25th, 2006 by Keith

    Skype for Windows Beta

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    The next beta version of Skype has released today!

    There is only one change log over the previous beta version:

    1. bugfix: API: on some cases audio was not sent via API

    Skype for Windows Beta can be downloaded here. Builds for other platforms are also available, i.e. Linux or Macintosh.

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    October 24th, 2006 by Keith

    CCleaner 1.34.407 – System Optimizer

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    How many system optimisation utilities out there are really trustworthy, and efficient? Not much, I guess, and some of which that are good, comes with a price; free ones often are bundled with spywares and adwares. So, we hare here to recommend you CCleaner 1.34.407, the latest release of CCleaner, a free optimisation software and privacy tool.

    With CCleaner, you are able to remove unused files from the computer, allowing your Windows operating system to run faster. At the same time, it also frees up valuable hard disk spaces that unwanted files have been clogging up those storage spaces.

    As a privacy tool, CCleaner has the capability to clean up traces of your online activities, such as removing malicious cookies and temporary files. Those traces could be found in your temporary folder or your Internet history. Removing those traces only take a single click of your mouse.

    And of course the best part of CCleaner is that it is free, with no adware and no spyware!

    Change Log for 1.34.407 (October 19, 2006):

    • - Added cleaning for:
      1. Visio 2003, AVG Anti-Spyware,
      2. CuteFTP 8.0 Pro/Home and 7.0 Home,
      3. Windows Live Toolbar, CA Anti-Virus
    • - Updated cleaning for: Outlook 2003, TextPad 4, Quicktime Player
    • - Improved error handling when opening RegEdit.
    • - Fixed issue with Opera 9 classic installer.
    • - Updated installer routines.
    • - Issue scanner accuracy improvements.
    • - Updated Arabic, Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic), German and French translations.
    • - Minor optimizations and tweaks.

    Download Links:
    CCleaner 1.34.407

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    October 23rd, 2006 by Keith

    Skype for Mac

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    There is a surprise release by Skype today! The next major release of Skype 2.0 for Mac is now available for download at Skype. Presumably, there is not much of introduction about Skype here, as there are tonnes of information available.

    However, what’s new about Skype 2.0 for Mac? Finally, Macintosh users can use of Skype to make video calls to any other Skype users. I suppose, that is that functionality plays the major role in the new version release.


    • * Make video calls to anyone on Skype, no matter what kind of computer they are using.
    • * Say hello, smile, or even wave with anyone, anywhere in the world on Skype.
    • * Great quality video that just works.
    • * All for free of course.

    System Requirement

    • * Mac computer with G4 800 Mhz processor or faster
    • * Mac OS X v10.3.9 Panther or newer
    • * 512 MB RAM
    • * 40 MB free disk space
    • * Microphone
    • * Webcam: Drivers for the Philips and Logitech webcams can be downloaded from
    • * Internet connection.

    Basically, that’s good news for Macintosh users!

    Skype for Mac can be downloaded here. Builds for other platforms are also available, i.e. Linux or Windows.

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    October 23rd, 2006 by Keith

    Add-Ons for Internet Explorer 7

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    Add-ons IE 7

    For web browsers, if you talk about plug-ins or add add-ons, most of the time you would refer to Mozilla Firefox, and perhaps Opera somtimes, but never Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, with the release official release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft has launched an surprise news to the public that there are add-ons available for Internet Explorer 7! You have to check out those Add-Ons for Internet Explorer.

    Microsoft has organised the Add-ons into 4 different categories; Security, Time Savers, Browsers and Entertainment. The following are what’s available under these categories:


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