February 23rd, 2006 by Keith

Advanced USB Port Monitor 2.0.1 Build 5

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USB Port Monitor

Developed by AGG Software, the Advanced USB Port Monitor is a USB bus, USB device and protocol analyzer software. It packs all the robust functionalities that customers needed to capture, view and process USB traffic. At the same time, it offers sophisticated viewing and intelligent searching of your USB ports, providing accurate and efficient debuging and testing of High (480Mbps), Full (12Mbps) and Low (1.5Mbps) speed USB devices.

The software allows users to display the packets sent, decode the descriptors, detect errors in peripherals or drivers, and measure device and driver performance. When capturing the packets, the real-time statistical display allow users to check the bus status, even before looking at the packets that have been read. These are displayed in a chronological list together with the peripheral’s address and the endpoint number.

To make it easier to identify the packets, the software provides filtering and packet color coding functions. Furthermore, it provide users with the choice of several levels of detail, and the information taken from the traffic contains references to the USB specification. It can help to develop USB devices and analyze traffic on all stages of a development process.

Download Source: AGG Software [3MB]

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