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Alarm Video Clock

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Alarm Video Clock

Offering several advantages over the regular alarm clock, this Alarm Video Clock, which functions on your computer, can wake you up with your favourite song, or natural sounds gradually increasing in volume. Alternatively, you could set your favourite movie to play as a wake up call. What’s cool is that it works even when your computer system goes to sleep, or power save mode!


  • Gradual alarm: the alarm will start with a pleasant nature sound: the beach with waves and seaguls, but after several minutes it will turn to a louder ring, and later on, to a really loud buzz.
  • Video or Audio files can be played as an alarm signal as well. You can select any Media file (WAV, MP3, MIDI, MPEG, AVI) existing on your machine.
  • Timer up to 12 hours. Besides the regular snooze of several minutes, the timer can be used in various situations like: as a remainder to take a break every hour, for instance, or take some medication every 4 hours, or anything else.
  • WeekDays-WeekEnd settings. You can have a different alarm time set-up for each day of the week.
  • It wakes up the system on power save mode.

It is basically free for download here [280KB], a relatively small size file. The registration fee costs merely $9, which can be paid securely over the internet using major credit cards. Without registration, the program could only run for 10 times, beyond which it will not function.

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