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Cheap VoIP softwares

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Voipbuster Voipcheap

Skype has been monopolising the bulk of the VOIP market with its millions of users all over the world. With recent aquisition by eBay, I wonder how would the tariff rate be. Besides Skype, Yahoo and MSN are also coming up with their own VOIP stuff. Other VOIP companies such as FreeWorldDialup (FWD), have been available in the market for the past couple of years.

With Skype offering such low cheap tariff rates, are there any other competitors to challenge Skype’s dominance? Well, there are, Voipbuster and Voipcheap. In fact, these are of the same companies, except the latter is catered more to UK customers, and the former is meant for general users from European countries.

For these two softwares, the quality of the calls are as good as that you can make with using Skype. At the same time, the tariff rates are much cheaper is many countries compared to that of Skype. Now, what’s amazing about these Voipcheap and Voipbuster is that they offer FREE CALLS to some European landlines. This is something that we don’t get for free everyday.

The clause for the free call is that users may have to top up an initial €10 or £10 credit, before they could have unlimited free calls to landlines, otherwise it would last for only one minute.

Despite the quality of the call and excellent tariff rates, there are also a drawback to it. If making a certain calls that does not go through, and the server acknowledge it’s a call that can’t get through, fine the call won’t be charged. However, there are some time (rarely) when the calls were charged even though no ringing tones or calls were not put through. Furthermore, the charge is not at the tariff rate, strangely, it was like ten times the call charge which is absolutely errorneous. Luckily, it does not occur all the time.

If you have a good broadband speed, then I can claim quite safely that you will get a good bargain from these VOIP companies.

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