February 28th, 2006 by Keith

HTML Protect v2.0

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HTML Protect

Are you something feeling disgusted at people browsing your website, feeling that it looks so attractive and attempting to copy your source code. The next day, your site is no longer unqiue as several other users have been duplicating your HTML codes from your lovely site. Nonetheless, to protect against prying eyes of code stealers, HTML Protect is just made to keep your source code safe.

Basically, HTML Protect gives You possibility to protect HTML pages from unauthorized access by encrpyting the source page with specified password. In a sense, there is no way easier and cheaper to protect your HTML page.

Besides HTML pages, this software can also be used to protect pages on hard disk, CD or DVD.

Download Source: KGY Website

A demonstration is available here. You may use the following password to access: guest

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