February 27th, 2006 by Keith

IE HTTP Analyzer Build v1.7.3.190

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IE Inspector

If you want to know what’s going in with your IE, whether it’s browsing an authentic page, or secretly scanning other illegitimate sites, without your knowledge, directly under your noise, then IE HTTP Analyzer is able to help you.

HTTP Analyzer is a sniffer or viewer that allows you to monitor and capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time, which is also commonly used by industry-leading companies including Microsoft, Cisco, AOL, Nokia, and Google.

It is capable of tracing and displaying wide range of information, including Header, Content, Cookies, Query Strings, Post data, Request and Response Stream, redirection URLs and more others. Furthertmore, it provides cache information and session clearing, as well as HTTP status code information and several filtering options. Surely, this must be a very useful developer tool for performance analysis, debugging and diagnostics.

There are basically two editions of HTTP Analyzer – the Standard Edition and the IE Add-in Edition.

System Requirements:

  • Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or Higher

Download Source: IE Inspector Website

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