February 12th, 2006 by Keith

Introduction Note and ViruScape 2006

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First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to SoftSift. SiftSoft will bring forth to everyone about news and updates about the latest softwares in town, introducing the most popularly-used tools to obnoxious piece of coding that you might ever encounter.

To ensure that everyone get covered and started up with the SiftSoft, I further opt to introduce softwares to ensure your systems are well-protected while driving through the Internet highway. To begin with, the most basis thing inside your system that everyone should have, has got to be an Anti-Virus program.

Despite Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus, MaCafee Antivirus as well as other popular antivirus softwares, here I will introduce you another new program — ViruScape 2006. Developed by Tera Innovations, ViruScape 2006 is a new antivirus solution which not only protects your computer against viruses, trojan horses, and spyware, but also prevents new threats from entering.

The latest release was dated February 11, 2006, with a relatively small size of 4MB. It is a shareware, which is compatible on all Windows platform. Users can opt to purchase the software at a price of US$29.95 from here.

ViruScape 2006 provides protection against all types of malicious related threats, including complete protection against:

  • Viruses, worms, and trojans
  • Spyware and Adware
  • Malicious IRC scripts and bots
  • Phishing attack detection and mitigation for POP3 mail clients

Unlike branded names, such as Symantec requiring a annual subscription fee, ViruScape 2006 Standard will offer Free Definition Updates for life. This is a good offer, for one to own a license for mere $29.95. Alternatively, you can download a trial version to test it out.

ViruScape 2006

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  1. TeraInnovations Says:

    Note to all: ViruScape costs $39.95 – not $29.95. Majorgeeks.com had it incorrect before.

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