February 21st, 2006 by Keith


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IP scanner

This small little tool is pretty interesting, especially if you are behind a network, such as office network. IP Scanner allows you to detect unauthorised devices, providing in-depth information about computers that are within in the network.

IPScanner is designed for the daily monitoring of computers within Microsoft networking environments. It allows you to gather information from computers in the network without installing any softwares in these clients. The utility comes with a powerfuul searh engine that allows you to can scan hundreds of computers or your entire network ,IP by IP.


  • Capable of handling dynamic changes to network configurations.
  • Small, fast and efficient.
  • Affordable pricing.

This shareware requires a Windows operating system environment to work in.
Operating System : Windows 2000/2003/XP
Required Disk Space : 2 MB
Required Memory : 128 MB

Download Source: IP-Scanner [679KB]

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