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MATLAB R2006a – The MathWorks Inc.

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Matlab 2006a

After postings several stuffs on web tools and system utilities, here is something totally different, which may interest users especially students (undergraduates), researchers, academia staffs, industrial managers and system designers and so on…. The MathWorks Inc. has officially launched the latest version of MATLAB, known as MATLAB 2006a today, on March 1, 2006.

For the past few years, MathWorks started naming MATLAB from version 5.3 (with the release name, R11) and the naming for 6.0 as R12. Matlab 6.5 is well-known as R13, and the last release is Matlab 7.0 also known as Matlab R14. Now, Matlab 7.2 is no longer given the “R” naming, instead it will be known as 2006a.

MATLAB R2006a includes updates to MATLAB and Simulink, plus one new product, major updates to 10 products, and minor updates and bug fixes to 64 products. This release reflects a change by The MathWorks to a twice-yearly release schedule and a new naming convention. In addition, R2006a introduces MATLAB for Windows x64 and provides new features for distributed computing, MATLAB application deployment to .NET, Simulink model viewing and sharing, and embedded software design and implementation.

MATLAB is available in 3 OS platforms – Windows, Unix/Linux and Macintosh. In order to purchase the latest MATLAB 2006a or upgrade your current MATLAB version, you will have to contact your sales representative to place an order. Anyway, prices are not cheap. These are excellent mathematical tools.

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