February 20th, 2006 by Keith

Open Video Capture v1.24.56

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Open Video Capture

If you fancy recording video and images from several sources, such as webcam, TV Tuner card, digital video, digital camera and other capture devices, then there is one software that allows you to do that, Open Video Capture.

It allows users to set video compression codec and audio compression codec, output frame size and frame rate, and also taking snapshots pictures with the hotkey.

It can set each capture device’s properties, preview and record real-time video, watch TV if TV Tuner is installed. It supports open compression system for video and audio. It encodes AVI files with DIVX, XVID, Windows Media Audio and Video Codec, DV Video Encoder, etc.

A license to run the program costs US$29.99. Without the license, the limitation is that any recording process will be restricted to only 1 minute.

Note that, Microsoft DirectX 9.0, usually downloadable from Windows Update, is required to run the software.

Download Source: 008soft Website [650kB]
Platform: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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