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SUSE Linux 10.1 Beta 4

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SUSE Linux

This long awaiting beta version of open source SUSE Linux is finally delivered, after it was being delayed, according to the Milestone release date by the website. Due to be delivered on February 16, 2006, it was only available two days later. SUSE Linux, once part of Novell, has become OSS recently, and had soon kept up with the popularity among Linux users to be second position in Distrowatch.

The last final release was SUSE Linux 10.0, known as Gold Master, was the first release by the open source community. Currently, the community is working on version 10.1, currently standing at Beta 4, released on this very day.

There was a lot of changes from SuSE Linux 9.3 to SUSE Linux 10.0, including higer versions packages. In 10.1, they are facing an uphill task trying to compile a stable distribution of the OS, with the latest bleeding-edge packages. Interested Beta users are free to download the ISO from its website, or from the mirrors sites. Alternatively, bittorrent can be used to download the files.

However, before anyone attempt to install this Beta 4 of the new software, it is CRITICALLY important to read the Most Annoying Bugs section of this release. This is as follow,

Beta4 has a number of ROUGH edges, so read the following before you decide to download and test it.

  • The CD 1 needs to remain in the cd drive after installing from it. Do not remove it during the reboot and wait for YaST to request CD 2.. Otherwise the installation of packages from CD 2-5 will fail afterwards.
  • Due to the integration of the new package manager which is not complete, note the following non working pieces:
      o ncurses installation is not supported right now
      o Some statistics do not work, e.g. you see “Size of packages to install: 0″ – or “Number of packages to install: 0″, or “Software: Default system (0)”.
      o The graphical package manager frontend has only a limited list of “views”, currently you get a list of all the packages and can only search in them.
      o Only a fresh installation is supported. Update from a previous installation is not working!
      o Only adding of selections works. If you want to remove a selection, remove all packages in that selection and run the resolver manually with the “Check” button..
      o After installation, if you go into the YaST packager, all installed packages are listed twice.
      o Language dependend packages are not handled correctly. This results in the installation of one package-$lang package but not necessarily the one for the languages asked for.
      o It is not possible to abort installation while installing packages.
      o Network Installations: smb/cifs does not work, http, nfs and ftp do work.
      o There are cases where during a ftp installation packages for the wrong architecture get installed Bug 151933 and Bug 151954.
  • The partitioner is broken in some cases Bug 151818. which might result in:
      o mixed up filesystem types – for example one chooses ext2 and the partition is getting formatted with reiserfs
      o creates double or totally obscure entries within the fstab of the system
      o makes inproper proposals for a standard partitioning
  • Download of Release Notes will fail.
  • No Release Notes will be shown. Except in the first installation screen.
  • The online test with download of Updates will fail.
  • VMWare installation is possible – but YaST does not show information about your hardware configuration (graphic cards, printers, sound, …). Click “next” in this step – the X11 server will not start, but you can configure the virtual machine afterwards.
  • The third translation cycle has been done; most parts are properly localized now. Missing parts are the release notes and some menu entries. YaST is translated with minor exceptions (see the status files such as status-de.all for German).

Download Source (5 CDs)

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