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WebCamSplitter 1.2.8

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Webcam Splitter

Basically what exactly is a webcam splitter? If you are a webcam user, usually you will notice that if you are using the webcam for a certain application, it is normally locked to that application and you won’t be able to utilise another application to view the webcam. Hence, that’s where WebCamSplitter is here for.

For example, you can use your webcam in Yahoo! Messenger and at the same time broadcast to your own web site and hold a videoconference. Furthermore, it can be used as just a virtual webcamera. With its friendly user-interface, WebCamSplitter has got a lot of additional functions, just for you to find out.

Download Source: Site
Release Version: 1.2.8
Release Date: February 22, 2006
System Requirements:

  • Video capture device basic requirements:
      RGB24 or IYUV color model support
  • Requirements:
      Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
      Processor: Intel PentiumĀ® (Intel Pentium III or higher recommended)
      Random access memory (RAM): 128 Mb or higher
      Additional requirements: DirectX 8.1 (as usual it goes with a webcam driver installation CD)

Basically, it’s time to put your webcam to fully use. Though there is a trial download, a registered license will cost you $19.95.

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