March 13th, 2006 by Keith

Advanced Encryption Package 2006

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Secure Action

With advanced technology these days, there is no guarantee that any data can be safe even if it’s residing in your computer and unshared. Provided, as long as you are connected to the Internet, you system is vulnerable to external attacks and intrusion. Similarly, it’s the case of letters being intercepted and phone lines being tapped.

Since such actions are unavoidable, one could only do is to protect your message, such that even if mails are intercepted, the message are scrambled making it difficult to read. Theoretically, this is the same as encrypting your files and folders in your computer system. Advanced Encryption Package 2006 is what you may need to encrypt your confidential data.

Advanced Encryption Package 2006 is a professional files encryption tool, with an integrated .zip archiver (2 in 1). It is used to encrypt your sensitive private files (with using password) from prying eyes, using very strong military grade encryption to make sure that your private data remains confidential.

Download Source: SecureAction Website

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