March 24th, 2006 by Keith

ajaxWrite 0.9 – No more Microsoft Word

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This post is going to capture a lot of users’ attention. If you are one who are always hogging onto the internet, enjoying taking up bandwidth as much as possible and also one who loves to write, this is going to be a lovely little toy. First of all, I have to claim that this is no software, instead this piece of “web-ware” or rather a web application. ajaxWrite 0.9 have introduced a complete streamlined word processor on a web-based AJAX platform (in contrast of our usual Operating System platform).

For those who are feeling hard to fork out cash to purchase Microsoft Word, ajaxWrite may be just for you. It is almost like a bare skeleton of Microsoft Word, yet sufficiently good enough for users to write any documents, and save in .doc format.

Ensuring that it is user-friendly and bandwidth-friendly, the team from ajax has kept the program rather clean and lean; in another word, some of the advanced features are left out. Other than that, most of the commonly-used functions are where they are supposed to be, as seen in Microsoft Word.

ajaxWrite has the capability to import and export documents in most popular formats, including embedded graphics within the documents itself. Documents can be saved, by the usual save command, on to the drive of your computers.

From the website, ajax claims that ajaxWrite is OS-platform dependent, but note that it is not supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer. Firefox 1.5 (or higher) with Javascript enabled is required to run ajaxWrite. Below are the benefits of using ajaxWrite.


  • * Global access - all that is needed is an internet connection
  • * Platform independent - it can be used with any operating system
  • * Automatic updates and upgrades – no more computer restarts or missed patches/updates
  • * Server side management - all the processes are handled by the server

As I will say no more, except to recommend all users to try that baby out. Why? First, no registration is needed. Spare all kinds of ridiculous logins and saving passwords. Secondly, it’s FREE. By all means, why do you need to pay just to write something. Have fun!

5 Responses to “ajaxWrite 0.9 – No more Microsoft Word”

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  2. Keith Says:

    Since ajaxWrite 0.9 was released, ajaxSketch 0.9 was released a week later. The latter was more about diagramming, creating flow charts, free hand drawing and even more. Check it out in SoftSift.

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