March 14th, 2006 by Keith

Ekiga 2.00 – The Oberoi Release (VoIP)

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This may only be familar to mostly to Linux users. Well, perhaps I can give a small introduction about Ekiga. Ekiga is simply a free Voice over IP (VoIP) phone allowing you to do free calls over the Internet. Back then, formerly known as GnomeMeeting, Ekiga is the first Open Source application to support both H.323 and SIP, including audio and video communication.

You can download a Ekiga for your own distribution and get a free SIP-Address at Well, as from their website, Ekiga recognises free speech, and that is what they do.

After more than a year, Ekiga 2.00 is finally available for Linux distributions. Supporting both SIP and H.323 within the same application, Ekiga 2.00 has further enhanced its features with several cool stuffs:

  • Full SIP Support
  • Full H.323 Support
  • Audio and Video Support
  • Call Transfer (SIP and H.323)
  • Call Forwarding on Busy, No Answer, Always
  • Call Hold
  • DTMFs Support
  • Basic Instant Messaging
  • Ability to Register to Several SIP Accounts Simultaneously
  • Possibility to Use an Outbound Proxy (SIP) or a Gateway (H.323)
  • Message Waiting Indications (SIP)

These are some of the new improvements that come with the new features:

  • Better Audio Quality
  • Support for Wideband Codecs (16 kHz)
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Easier NAT traversal
  • Improved camera Support
  • Improved Video4Linux2 Support
  • DBUS Support

Users can register for a free SIP address at, which will allow calling friends and family, or to find new friends through the online LDAP service. Note that, the service has been sponsored by OVH.

In addition, note that Ekiga 2.00 is still in BETA version. Also, there is no support for Windows platform at the moment. Users can download the latest software here.

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