March 8th, 2006 by Keith

Fake Webcam 1.3

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Fake Webcam Demo

Have you ever wanted to maintain privacy by showing webcam to only people whom you know? Or rather, play fake webcam clips to people whom you don’t want to show to. Fake Webcam allows you to play pre-recorded videos on several Instant messengers (IM), such as Yahoo, MSN, Paltalk, and possibly Skype while chatting. Given the integrated functionality, it also allow broadcasting one single movie to all messengers at the same time.


  • play pre-recorded videos without even having a physical webcam
  • keep a virtual personality
  • maintain your privacy by pretending to be some one else

This is a piece of shareware, and it can be downloaded here. A license will cost $19.95, which gives you 15 days return policy as well as free upgrades. An evaluation version will expire in 30 days. A logo will also be shown after every movie stops playing.

Have fun playing with it!

8 Responses to “Fake Webcam 1.3”

  1. Shwaza Says:

    Ah, very cool :) That’d be a neat little piece of software to try out.

  2. david Says:

    it rocks man. I pretended a lesbian by playing 2 female chatting on webcam and almost everyone who say my webcam belived me. It’s a neat idea :)

  3. ZoS Says:

    how do i get movies???

  4. Keith Says:

    That is quite a dodgy question. Either you can ask your friends to act out for you while you record it down using a video camera, and transfer it to a file, if not, you can try searching over the website.

    hint: I’m sure YouTube have a lot to offer ;)

  5. kalan Says:

    dont show fakewebcam title using cam playing, it is too bore and ugly, dont repeat it

  6. Fake Webcam 1.8 Released » SoftSift Says:

    [...] Ever since faking yourself using video over the Internet has become a hit, since I last wrote this post, you might be interested to know that Fake Webcam 1.8 is now released. [...]

  7. blackcodex Says:

    hey guys
    can any one tell me da site dat i can download full version of fake webcam
    pls help me find da cracked version

  8. Keith Says:

    I’m sorry, blackcodex. This is not the place for you to find cracked or illegal softwares. It is against the law to possess an unlicensed version of any software, as governed by the non-free license.

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