March 17th, 2006 by Keith

Gnome 2.14 – Latest Release

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The long awaiting Gnome 2.14 Desktop has finally announced its release, just right on time to meet their 6 month release schedule.

In this new release there are several new features, including many more searching options, fast user switching, and potential speed increases to all the applications. This version of Gnome 2.14 has promise to focus on optimising speed on the desktop applications, making accessing to be as quick as possible. Here is the release note.

Noticeably, several important components of the GNOME desktop are now measurably faster, including text rendering, memory allocation, and numerous individual applications. In addition, the faster font rendering and memory allocation benefit all GNOME and GTK+ based applications without the need for recompilation. Some of the applications, too, have received special attention to ensure that they are performing at their peak.

Usually, I am very much into KDE, but after getting used to Ubuntu, but I find that Gnome has started to improve on user-friendliness and optimised GTK+ interface. Thus, Gnome 2.14 has proven its worth in this latest version release. However, things do not stop here. Six months from now, Gnome 2.16 will be forecasted to be release, which will be built on the base of its predecessor.

Things to look forward to in GNOME 2.16 include:

* GTK+ 2.10, which includes much work from Project Ridley
* Cairo 1.2 based theming
* Support for compositing, alpha blending, drop shadows, window transparency and more
* Integrated power management support via GNOME Power Manager
* New widgets for developers including notification and printing widgets

So, keep a lookout in six months’ time for the next release. In due time, it’s for you to enjoy Gnome 2.14 and its impressive features.

Here are some comparisons of the speed improvement obtained from the Gnome website.

Gnome Terminal Performance
Figure 1. GNOME Terminal performance improvements between GNOME 2.12 and 2.14. Time taken is the time to print a list of all English words to the screen.

System Log Performance
Figure 2. Log Viewer performance improvements between GNOME 2.12 and 2.14. Time taken to start the application and read a 2.9MB log file.

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