March 28th, 2006 by Keith

Google Video Player Beta

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Google Video

What else can Google come up with? First, there is free 2.8GB GMail, then followed by Google Desktop, Google Earth, Goole Finance, and even application-based such as Google Talk (GTalk). Now, there is this Google Video.

However, there is not much of a difference between Google Video player and the player you already would have on your PC. Google Video player allows you to watch video downloaded from Google Video website.


  • * Watch videos downloaded from Google Video
  • * Browse scenes within a video using thumbnails
  • * Skip to anywhere in the video, even if that portion hasn’t downloaded yet
  • * Sit back and watch videos in full screen mode
  • * Resume video downloads automatically

System Requirements:

  • * Windows XP or 2000
  • * Video card with at least 16MB of RAM
  • * 1GHz Pentium 3 or faster

Try Google Video Player out and download from Google Video website.

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  1. Google Video Player for Mac » SoftSift Says:

    [...] My last post on Google Video Player (GVP) mentioned that GVP is only meant for Windows. Well, good news for Macintosh users, Google has released Google Video Player for Mac already! [...]

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