March 5th, 2006 by Keith

NeT Firewall

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NeT Firewall

NT Kernel Resources recently released the NeT Firewall as a comprehensive firewall solution to protect Windows-based Systems, which are currently not protected by Firewall. For instance, if you are using Windows SP1, likelihood is that Windows Firewall is no activated. In addition, if you aren’t using the free Zone Alarm Firewall, then you could be in possible vulnerability to external internet attacks.

Using stateful inspection technology, NeT Firewall tracks each packet traversing the firewall and makes sure that they are legitimate. It also monitors the state of the connection and compiles the information in a state table ensuring that the source and destination of each packet is valid.

Considered more secure than most application-based personal firewalls, such as Zone Alarm Firewall Pro, NeT Firewall offers a less expensive than high-end firewalls, providing comprehensive intrusion protection.

A license will cost you merely $49.95, considering it is one of the cheapest available comprehensive firewall software for Windows.

Hardware requirements:

  • 10MB disk space
  • 32MB-64MB memory depending on your operating system (Windows 98/Me system need at least 32MB Memory, Windows NT/2000/XP need at least 64MB memory)

Trial Download is available here.

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