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Most users nowadays use at least one of the popular IM (Instant Messaging) softwares, such as Skype, MSN Messenger, QQ, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger or ICQ. To make communication more beautiful, Free Bird Co. Ltd. has introduced vEmotion for users of these IMs.

vEmotion allows IM users to send voice and sound effects, and additional emotions to peers on the IM contact list. The added sound effects will make the IM call much more interesting and exciting than mere exchange of text messages.

In addition, vEmotion allows user to configure background music for a call or conferencing; listening to the music while placing a call or taking part in a conference. The music can be shared among the contacts in the IM list.

The latest feature allow you to record calls in the form of MP3 (or WAV) files with CD quality. It also allows managing playback of recorded calls easily.


  • Supported IMs: ICQ, Skype, AOL Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, QQ
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP/2000
  • License: FREE

Download source: vEmotion.

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