April 7th, 2006 by Keith

Ajax-eyespot? No, it’s Eyespot Beta

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As promised by ajaxLaunch, every week on Wednesday at 12 noon, they will launch a new program, based on ajax programming. This week, I somehow had forgotten to check it and I hope it is not too late to announce their third release, since ajaxWrite and ajaxSketch. No, this time it won’t be ajax-something. I guess the developers must have got tired naming it with “ajax” attached in the prefix, now they have decided to call the next one eyespot.

Eyespot Beta may not really sound familar, however it is an online video editing software, based on ajax programming again! Indeed, the program runs on top of a web browser, as usual. It’s totally unbelieveable.

This time, users may have to first register and sign up in order to use eyespot Beta, unlike ajaxWrite and ajaxSketch. In addition, registered users are allowed to upload up to 6 files (i.e. movie files) at the same time, but limited to 25MB. Users can then use the eyespot mixer to combine the clips together. The rest are fairly simple to follow, all depends on the skill of movie editing. Users can also include audio to make their movie editing professional.

Once users have uploaded video and made a few mixes, it is time to publish to the finalised version to the personal video blog. If you are interested, it would be wise to take the introductory tour on the website. That will be very helpful.

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