April 7th, 2006 by Keith

Google Talk for BlackBerry Devices

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Google Talk

Following rumours on the next unreleased version of Google Talk, Google has announced the release of Google Talk for a totally different platform, Google Talk for BlackBerry devices.

Users can use Google Talk on their BlackBerry to chat with friends on the go for free. In addition, there is possibility of emailing as well as playing BrickBreaker while chatting.

Note that, in order to download this Instant Messenger, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above is required. This is due to that the web page uses Active X controls which is working in Microsot Internet Explorer. The Active X control ensures that this software is downloaded correctly to the BlackBerry device. So, hard luck for Firefox users, and primarily Linux users.

Google Talk for BlackBerry devices allows you to:

  • - Access existing Google Talk Friends list on your BlackBerry device. It also supports adding of new contacts from the Google Talk community and federated communities
  • - See which Friends are online and available and participate in several conversations at once
  • - Send and receive messages in real time
  • - Communicate with other Google Talk users even while at the same time, using other applications on the BlackBerry device
  • - Access open conversations and new Google Talk messages from within the BlackBerry Messages application
  • - Set up custom notifications for new Google Talk messages

System Requirements:

  • - 16 MB BlackBerry device with a color screen (BlackBerry 7100 Series, BlackBerry 7200 Series, BlackBerry 7500 Series, BlackBerry 7700 Series™ and BlackBerry 8700 Series), and OS v4.0 or higher (Go to Options -> About to find your device’s handheld version. If you are not running OS v4.0 or higher, visit your Service Provider’s website)
  • - 200 kB (200000 bytes) of free memory (Go to Options -> Status to find your device’s free memory)
  • - A Gmail UserID and password (You can obtain a Gmail UserID and password by being invited by a friend who has one or by entering your mobile phone number at https://www.google.com/accounts/SmsMailSignup1)
  • - BlackBerry data service with a US- or Canadian-based wireless Service Provider (Google Talk for BlackBerry devices will be available to other BlackBerry subscribers soon! — Check back here for updates)
  • - Accurate time zone and time settings on your BlackBerry device – before using Google Talk for BlackBerry devices, please ensure you have verified that your time zone and time settings within the Options screen are correct.

Download GoogleTalk for BlackBerry devices here.

Note, you will need Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the site.

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