April 3rd, 2006 by Keith

GoogleTalk Beta (Leaked version?)

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Google Talk

Most of Google’s applications have been in the Beta version all these while, including but not limited to, Google Earth, Google Talk, …etc. Since Google has publicly announced that these softwares are Beta version, I wonder is there a need to be so discrete about further release of such softwares, which is so-called leaked version, which I picked up from this blog.

The current public beta release of Google Talk is, but the unknown leaked version is, according to the blog site.

There are a couple of new options, including
- Show One Page
- Sort by Names
- Show Pictures (user customisable pictures)
- Display GMail contacts

There are still a couple of other missing stuffs, which users are hoping they will be part of the functionalities of Google Talk soon. Anyway, you can find the download source below. Note that, beta release are not stable, and furthermore, this is not publicly announced by Google, and one may be tempted to think that it may turn out to be a hoax.

Download source: click here.

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  1. Google Talk for BlackBerry Devices » SoftSift Says:

    [...] Following rumours on the next unreleased version of Google Talk, Google has announced the release of Google Talk for a totally different platform, Google Talk for BlackBerry devices. [...]

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