April 28th, 2006 by Keith

KisMAC 0.21a – Wireless Network Detector for Macintosh

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As much as NetStumbler is for Windows, KisMac is for Macintosh. Basically, KisMAC is a free wireless networking application for Mac OS X that detects the presence of wireless access points within the vincinity. Unlike some other applications, it has the ability to run completely invisble and send no probe requests, making it very useful in stealth mode.

Several third party PCMCIA or PCCards with Orinoco and Prism II chipsets and Cisco Aironet cards are supported by KisMAC. The original Airport cards are also supported, except that for the newer Airport Extreme Cards, there is only very limited active mode.

These are the latest new features in the release:

  • * passive AirPort Extreme mode (except for MacBookPro and newest Mac Minis)
  • * KisMAC is now a Universal binary
  • * IP-Addressen of Clients will be shown
  • * Extenended configuration capabilities
  • * Growl integration
  • * Google Earth export
  • * Advanced search options
  • * Reworked Atheros integration
  • * and lots of bugs were squished

Both the source codes and binary can be downloaded here. As this is an open source application, donations are always welcome. If you are looking for similar wireless networking sniffer application, you can take a look at Kismet.

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