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pmaSoftware OnlineEye Professional 1.6.0 – Network Monitoring

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In today’s bandwidth-hungry society, most of the Internet home users are having broadband (ADSL, DSL or wireless) access. Having subscribed to your ISP, some may be generous to provide you with unlimited access, whereas for others, there are cap limit in which you could download or upload every month.

OnlineEye from pmaSoftware may be what you need, to help you monitor your daily usage, or your entire connection usage so that you can trace how much bandwidth has been used, or volumes uploaded or downloaded. In addition, if your internet access is time-based, OnlineEye is also capable of monitoring the time you spent online.


  • * Real-time Internet Speed Meter: Adjustable realtime graph.
  • * System Tray Icon: Minimise to tray icon.
  • * Transfer Volume and Time-spent online: Summerises monthly counter so that you can have a detailed view upon all days in a month.
  • * Historic Time and Volume Log: Summary of historic log on volume and time usage.
  • * Traffic Monitoring: Monitor network traffic on selected network interface.
  • * Historial Trend of last 24 hours: Logs the activities for last 24 hours.
  • * Internet Security: Establish program connection to the network.
  • * Client / Server: Get upload or download transfer from a remote PC.
  • * Warning Notifications: alerts users when the limit of the volume or time usage has exceeded.
  • * Direct Router and Server Monitoring with SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol): Monitors the bandwidth usage of leased lines, routers and firewalls. In addition, it can also monitor the usage of servers, managed switches or printers. It allows you to seperate Internet Traffic from LAN Traffic.

Download here to give it a 31 days trial.

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