April 20th, 2006 by Keith

Ubuntu 6.06 Beta

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Since previous alpha releases, including Flight CD, the long awaiting most popular Linux distro (according to me and Distrowatch.com), Ubuntu has finally reached its first Beta stage, also codenamed Dapper Drake.

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the Beta Release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – codenamed ‘Dapper Drake’. The Beta Release introduces the new Desktop CD, which can be used both to try Ubuntu ‘live’ and to install the system. Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (long-term support) will be the first Ubuntu release to be supported for three years on the desktop, and five years on the server.

Though it is still in the Beta testing stage, the operating is so stable, as though it is ready for use in the production machine. Kudos to the Ubuntu developers, for making Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta a class above the rest of the Linux distros.

In terms of visual, significant efforts have been put in to ensure that users do not get tired eyes after staring onto the screen for too long. On top of that, despite incorporating the latest version packages in Ubuntu, the speed is way faster than its predecessor, Ubuntu 5.10. Another significant cool stuff, is the inclusion of Desktop applet, that allow fast searching within the PC, as well as online search. It is recommended that Beagle is integrated together with the applet. The speed of the indexing search is absolutely impressive.

If you are still hesitating about trying Ubuntu, wait no further. If you are thinking of switching from KDE is a major downgrade. Fear not, as Ubuntu have improved the visual using GNOME, such that it is as attractive (visually) as in KDE.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta can be downloaded from the mirror below:
* United States: http://us.releases.ubuntu.com/releases/6.06/
* Europe: http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/6.06/
* United Kingdom: http://releases.ubuntu.com/6.06/
* Rest of the World: http://releases.ubuntu.com/6.06/

Read the release annoucement here. Please download using Bittorrent if possible.

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  1. Keith Says:

    Just to add on to the thread, if you cannot get used to switching away from KDE, there is always a Kubuntu 6.06 Beta available as well.

  2. Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta 2 » SoftSift Says:

    [...] Just one week after the release of Ubuntu 6.06 Beta 1, the developers have released Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS Beta 2. [...]

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