April 1st, 2006 by Keith

WiSPY-Tools – Wireless Network Spectrum Analyzer

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WiSPY Tools

Developed by MetaGeek LLC., Wi-SPY is a USB 2.4GHz spectrum analyzer. This tool is capable of analysing the 2.4GHz frequency bandwidth, used by the wireless 802.11b and 802.11g layer protocol. It is known to work on Linux and Mac OS X, but not very sure if that will work well under Windows environment. The drivers are written as user-space interfaces to LibUSB.

Based on the open-source concept, WiSPY-Tools provides good support for the following functions:

  • Wispy-Raw – A basic dumper from the USB interface to stdout, without RSSI to dBm conversion.
  • Wispy-Curses – A simple libcurses text-based graphing tool.
  • Wispy-GTK – A full GTK grapher, similar to the windows graphing tool

The source code can be downloaded here.

Note that, the latest release, wispy-tools-2006-03-R1, is still considered under heavy developement kit. Hence, you are advised that it may still contain bugs. This version has a lot of bug fixes, hopefully with better accuracy with timing, and proper behavior on Mac OSX. If you decide to build on GTK-2, it will also have a vertical labels shown.

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