May 16th, 2006 by Keith

BitComet 0.67

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The latest version of BitComet 0.67 has been released. BitComet is a client software that uses BitTorrent technology to share files of large sizes. It is a Peer-to-Peer file-sharing software, designed to handle high-speed distribution of large file size.

Unlike most BitTorrent client applications, it is a powerful, yet fast and easy to use. Furthermore, it is totally clean, and free of adware and spyware, commonly present in most file-sharing applications. BitComet can be used to download several files simultaneously, and it also supports queue downloading, fast resime, chatting, speed limits, port mapping and proxy access, etc.

These are the change log since my last review on BitComet 0.66:


  • - GUI Bugfix: fix the incorrect prompt text when open torren file failed
  • - GUI Bugfix: change PayPal picture auto-update period to one day
  • - GUI Bugfix: improve the detecting algorithm of Real file decoder in Video Codec Check Wizard
  • - Core Improved: enhanced ICF/UPNP port mapping operation
  • - Core Bugfix: fix the bug that the program may crash when received incorrect packet

Download BitComet 0.67. Download BitComet 0.67 using BitTorrent is recommended.

Disclaimer: Note that SoftSift, at no time, is responsible for users misusing the software. Users are to use it at their own risk. Softsift will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusinng the software.

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