May 15th, 2006 by Keith

Google Calendar Notifier 2.1 – Firefox plugin

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Google Calendar Notifier

Since the recent release of Google Calendar last month, Nicholas Pike has released a Firefox plug-in for Google Calendar, known as the Google Calendar Notifier.

The Google Calendar Notifier provides a basic interface to Google Calendar, by providing daily events to the users. Currently, it supports Windows only.

New Features

  • - Multiple Calendar Support
  • - Customizable Color and Label for each calendar
  • - Delete
  • - Edit
  • - Clear
  • - Loading animation when extension updates the chain of calendars
  • - Timezone drop down menu in preferences (Oasis)
  • - Support for partial hour timezones (+09:30)
  • - Daylight savings support
  • - Quick Enabled/Disable
  • - 24 Hour Time format for my UK friends
  • - Added instructional information to the options window
  • - Options window *should* be resizeable now.
  • - Added option to not show any text in the statusbar when there are no events for today. (Just shows calendar icon)
  • - Added new notification type: Just pops a Javascript alert dialog, similiar to what Google Calendar does on its own.
  • - After modifying your preferences, the extension will now refresh itself
  • - All day events for tomorrow will now appropriately display as “Tomorrow” in todays tooltip.
  • - Support for Bon Echo 2.0a1 and above
  • - Full localization added (Support for Polish, German, and English currently)

Download the plugin here [52Kb].

One Response to “Google Calendar Notifier 2.1 – Firefox plugin”

  1. toolvicarious Says:

    Are you still working on this plugin?
    I get this error when I activate it :(
    I am running Wordpress
    What am I doing wrong?
    Help me please!

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