May 11th, 2006 by Keith

Google Desktop gdShutdown 2

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If you have installed the latest release of Google Desktop 4, you might be interested in one of the plugins, known as gdShutdown, only supported in Google Desktop 4.

gdShutdown lets you easily shutdown, standby, reboot, or logoff your computer. The date, shown below with day of week, day, month and year, can be chosen between 3D and 2D style buttons. The standby function can be replaced with hibernate.


  • Supported Functions: shutdown, standby, logoff, restart, hibernate and lock your PC
  • scheduled sign-off through Google Calendar from everywhere at any time.
  • date & day of week is shown with a shortcut to Google Calendar
  • fast install and easy to use
  • button position, date and confirmation question customizable

Download the plug-in here.

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