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Hide Real IP 3.2

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Hide Real IP

Sometimes, it is important to hide the real IP address when surfing over the internet, especially when you are communication over unsecured wires, and your opposition tries to track you down. As IP address defines uniquely to where your location might possibly be, you definitely would not want to let your client identify your direct location.

Hide Real IP 3.2 is a software that hides your real IP address and other private information (your location, your ISP etc) by redirecting all of your network activity through special Internet computers, known as Proxy Servers. It uses special SOCKS protocol to communicate with proxy servers instead of communicating directly to target Internet resources.


  • · anonymous web surfing
  • · hiding of your real location
  • · secure and anonymous e-mails
  • · anonymous instant messaging
  • · support for all your favorite applications
  • · hacker, virus and spyware protection
  • · very nice and easy to use
  • · fully automatic configuration

Hide Real IP engine is built on SmartProxy technology that provides for seamless wrapping of every network-aware application, such as web browser or instant messenger, and makes them completely anonymous to world outside. SmartProxy is based on a sophisticated technique that provides for automatic injection into application networking core, making it an ideal instrument for anonymization.

Hide Real IP 3.2 is free to download for 8 days trial, which will include all the full functionalities. Alternatively, you may choose to buy it at $24.95. The Hide Real IP Pro version costs $49.90.

Note: SmartProxy is a trademark of Private Identity, Inc.

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