May 22nd, 2006 by Keith

ICQ 5.1 Build 2575

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Besides MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger, the ICQ has been around more than a decade, and I considered ICQ to be one of the most popular Internet Messaging client ever since it was out in the public.

Unlike MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger which defines users by email address and a Yahoo user id, each ICQ user is given a number instead, to uniquely identify itself on the ICQ network. I’m not quite sure what’s the number length now for a new registered user, but mine was basically 7 digits long when I first registered, and the last person I know has a 9-digit identification number.

ICQ has gone through several enhancement and improvement until the late 90s. Since the last millenium, I found the ICQ has slowed down a lot. This, however, has allowed other Internet Messaging (IM) clients, such as MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, and even Skype to catch up with ICQ. The last pro version, which I greatly appreciated was released in 2003, known as ICQ Pro 2003b, the old and classic version. I still cannot appreciate the ICQ Lite version that ICQ has introduced.

The latest release of ICQ Lite version, known as ICQ 5.1 (build 2575), has introduced quite a number of new features, such as

  • - Flash animation
  • - New skins
  • - Makeover look on contact lists
  • - New online notification
  • - Improved voice chat quality
  • - New emoticons
  • - New option of signing in

System Requirement:

  • • Pentium II 350 MHz class CPU or faster
  • • 50 MB of disk space
  • • 128 MB of available RAM
  • • Internet Explorer 5.0 or above (IE 6.0 Recommended, IE 7 currently not supported)
  • • Active Internet Connection
  • • WIN 98 Second Edition, ME, 2000, XP (Supports SP2)
  • • Flash 7 (Recommended)

I am moved by the fact that ICQ is beginning to start recapturing its old customers by introducing new improvement and features to their very own ICQ client, as most users have started switching from ICQ to MSN messenger. Let’s hope it is not too late for them.

This latest release are very attractive, but for me, I will still stick to the ancient yet reliable ICQ 2003b Pro version. It has served me well and believe will serve me further. I would perhaps welcome the upgrade if ICQ is willing to release a Pro version in the future.

ICQ 5.1 is free and available for download here [6MB].

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