May 10th, 2006 by Keith

Launchy 0.9.3 – Windows “Commanding” Prompt

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What on earth is Launchy? Right, as the name suggests, it has to launch something, and so what can be launched be Launchy? Moreover, what exactly is it?

Designed by Josh Karlin, Launchy is a windows utility tool, that helps you forget about your Start Menu, the icons on the desktop as well as your daily-used Explorer (commonly known as file manager).

Basically, Launchy first indexes programs in your Windows Start Menu. Then, upon users’ command by typing a few keystrokes, Launchy automatically run (or “launch”) your documents, files, folders and bookmarks.

Though it may sound complicated, but the use of it is very simple. Instead of having to click on the Start Menu and browse through the list of programs that are available, users just have to type [Alt+Space] to open up the Launchy command prompt.

By typing a few keystrokes that is similar to the programs indexed in the Start Menu, Launchy automatically provide a feedback on the closest possible answer or program that users might be seeking for. With the correct selection, hitting [Enter] immediately runs the program.

To get rid of the Launchy, hit [Alt+Space] to make it disappear.

With this Launchy, I’m sure users won’t have to go around clicking on the Start Menu, trying to find the appropriate location where the applications may be placed. It definitely speeds up the operation, since no intensive graphical display is required, i.e. Fade Effect is already slowing down the launch of the Start Menu.

Note, Launchy was developed to run on Windows XP. If you using Windows 2000, you may however try to download the gdiplus dll file and unzip it into your Launchy directory.

Download Launchy here.

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