May 11th, 2006 by Keith

Linux SUSE 10.1 GM Finally Released

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After a long time of waiting and waiting, the final version of SUSE 10.1 is released today. Previously, I have introduced to you the Beta version and the Release Candidate version. This final version, codenamed GoldMaster (GM) denotes the finalised version of 10.1, after a much long and tiring journey.

Due to its fresh release to the public, the server is currently facing heavy traffic load with huge number of users downloading the file. If you are trying to download the CD images directly from the mirrors, chances are that it will take a long time. On the other hand, BitTorrents file for SUSE 10.1 GM are available, I would advise users to use bittorent to download the CD images rather than off the FTP servers.

FTP Mirrors:

BitTorrent for i386 machine:

Since most users have 32-bit machines, I have included a BitTorrent file link above for you to retrieve the download for SUSE Linux 10.1 above, just in case if users are unable to get hold of the Torrent file.

Currently, only CD ISO images will be available for download. The DVD images will only be available from Thursday, May 18 2006.

OpenSUSE has emphasis on shipping the latest open source packages available at the time of release. It is worthwhile mentioning some of them, such as, the Xgl for 3D acceleration on the desktop, the Network Manager for Wifi connection, the completely open source AppArmor, and the fully integrated XEN 3 in YaST Management Package.

The release announcement can be accessed here.

Note that, OpenSUSE Linux 10.1 supports the following platform: x86 architecture, x86-64 (AMD64 / EM64T) 64-bit architecture, and PowerPC architecture.

The distribution comes with 5 CDs. You need:

  1. * CD1 only for a minimal text installation (English)
  2. * CDs 1-3 for a default KDE or GNOME installation in German or English
  3. * All 5 CDs for other selections

Though the files can be downloaded via FTP from the mirrors, but it is appreciated if users will use bitTorrent and share the download with others. The full download list for SUSE 10.1 is now available.

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