May 26th, 2006 by Keith

Picasa for Linux

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Google has been known to release softwares, practically almost, all for Windows. Finally, there is something for Linux users to cheer about. Picasa has been released for Linux!

Picasa is a free software that helps users instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on the computer. Picasa does the work automatically for you, each time you run the program, by locating the pictures, and sorting them out into visual albums arranged according to date with folder names. Thus, it always ensure that your photos are always organised.

Furthemore, you can use Picasa to make advanced editing on the pictures, i.e. simply putting one-click fixes and power effects. And Picasa makes it easy to share your pictures too.

System Requirements:

  • * Should work on any Linux system with Intel 386-compatible processor, glibc 2.3 or greater, and a working X11 display system.
  • * Desktop Integration features require a current version of Gnome or KDE.
  • * Camera detection and integration requires kernel >= 2.6.13, hal >= 0.56, and gnome-volume-manager or equivalent.
  • * Available in English

Download Picasa for Linux today. You don’t see Linux products from Google all the time!

The total download is 24MB, which includes the Picasa software (9MB), Wine (12MB) and Gecko engine (3MB).

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