May 30th, 2006 by Keith

SpeeDefrag 3.1.1

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I know Windows XP do provide a Defragmentation application, one that de-fragments your file allocations on your hard-disk so that access to these files will be much faster than those that are fragmented all about the hard disk. However, to truly fully optimise the program, one should try out using SpeeDefrag along with it.

SpeeDefrag 3.1.1 is an exclusive freeware program which optimizes Windows XP Defrag program. It works by restarting your computer system, which actually refreshes the ram and then load just only the degrag.exe program, and defrag your hard disk.

By doing so, it imposes minimum load on system and optimises on the defragmentation speed is increased. At the same time, programs which are unmovable can now be defragged, since they are no longer loaded into the memory.

Furthermore, this program will automatically shutdown or restart your computer defragmentation is done.

Download SpeeDefrag 3.1.1 [1.2MB].

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