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AQURA Lite 8.00 – Financial Accounting Software

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If you are looking for a free financial accounting software, you can give AQURA-Lite 8.0 a try. This latest version 8 release of AQURA provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) panel, that works with your Windows operating system.

AQURA uses a proprietary database engine, and is much faster and reliable than some software based on some RDBMS.

This application includes a powerful set of drill-in customizable browsers, making it easy to view, organize and modify the financial data. Users can change the width of the columns, hide and unhide unwanted columns, and select the level of details to be displayed. It also supports filtering and sorting.

Furthermore, AQURA has support for trading inventory, such that stock items can be transacted along with sales, purchase transctions and as inward and outward channels. Multiple units can also be transacted.

Other features

  • * Integrated Backup
  • * Password protection and user access rights
  • * Import / export of data
  • * Bill-by-bill outstanding
  • * Multiple companies / years
  • * Compact data size
  • * Custom vouchers
  • * User defined fields in voucher
  • * Bank reconciliation
  • * Cost centers
  • * Ratio analysis
  • * Power failure data protection
  • * Context sensitive help
  • * Easy voucher
  • * Standard remarks
  • * Report preview
  • * Separate Stationery for different type of report
  • * Conversion vouchers for manufacturing finished items
  • * Price Lists
  • * Stock Adjustment Facility
  • * Built in tutorial

You can obtain AQURA – Lite from the following three methods – 1) order on a CD, 2) via sent as an email attachment, 3) via downloading from the website.

Order your CD
Though AQURA – Lite! is a free software, you need to send a Demand Draft of Rs. 160 for material, handling and shipping cost. This offer is available only in INDIA.

As Email Attachment
To receive AQURA – Lite! by e-mail, send an email to info@sadhanasoft.com with subject line Send AQURA by email. The size of email will be about 2MB.

AQUARA – Lite! can be downloaded from the website, after submitting your name and email address. To obtain more information on downloading, click here.

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