June 5th, 2006 by Keith

BitTorrent 4.9.7 Beta

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BitTorrent is the latest, sophisticated file-sharing technology that de-centralises file-sharing techniques among users. Unlike other file-sharing softwares, BitTorrent uses .torrent files to provide information about the parts and pieces that make up the shared file. These are then used to provide information about other sharing users within the network. No files is explicitly loaded onto the server to be downloaded.

To make use of Torrent Search, BitTorrent client is required. Now, BitTorrent has released a beta version 4.9.7.

Some of the changes include:

  • * completely new UI
  • * smart download/queuing behavior
  • * smart seeding behavior
  • * torrent priority system
  • * detailed progress bar and “piece bar” progress bar
  • * better save location management (”incomplete” and “finished” locations)
  • * automatic bandwidth management
  • * download rate control
  • * transfer rate graphs
  • * choose which files to download first from a torrent
  • * better error handling and reporting
  • * fast extensions (see bittorrent.org)
  • * torrent “title” support (see bittorrent.org)
  • * multiple tracker support
  • * encryption support
  • * Zeroconf (”Rendezvous”) local discovery
  • * sparse files
  • * threaded Disk IO
  • * translation update system
  • * now using wxWidgets instead of GTK on Windows, GUI is now native and should be a lot more stable
  • * removed support for Python 2.2
  • * lots of bug fixes

Download BitTorrent 4.9.7 here.

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