June 11th, 2006 by Keith

Fast Show IP 1.00

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Fast Show IP

Do you know how to see your IP (Internet Protocol) address, that is assigned to your computer? Well, most of us will go to the command prompt and type “ipconfig” under Windows to find out the IP address, and that is provided you know that command exists.

Alternatively, Fast Show IP allows you to recognise the real IP address without going through all these command prompt things.

Other than using Fast Show IP as a simple utility to find out your actual IP address, it can also be used to retrieve the Host name and Network IPs from your Computer connected to your Network.

Fast Show IP automatically extracts all IP addresses from the message headers, and displays the information about these IP addresses. It was made to help those who do not have or are unable to get a static IP address, which are generally needed in order to access web servers from remote locations. The small application resides in the system tray until when you click on it.

Free Show IP is a freeware and you can download Show IP here. It runs on Windows platform.

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