June 6th, 2006 by Keith

Google Spreadsheets – Limited Test

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Google Spreadsheets

It seems inevitable that Google is truly turning the table against Microsoft. Their latest development is the Google Spreadsheets.

Google Spreadsheets is currently not available to public yet, but it is limited to users who signed up and gets invitation from Google.

If you fancy trying out Google Spreadsheets, sign up for it here.

Philipp Lenssen has told us about his lucky experience with Google Spreadsheets. He noted that the application works very smoothly and no lags were noticed in between editing, despite running it online. The multi-user editing is excellent, and feels like that of Excel, except with the brand Google. Files can be exported into several formats, including Excel, CSV and HTML.

In addition, there is no ads so far. However, that is unsure of the near future should Google releases this product. The drawback of this is the lack of right-click capability, which are generally used to apply formatting changes or copy and paste texts. Also, the ability to support graph creation is yet to be fully completed.

Nonetheless, these are the balance between a real application on your local hard drive and one that is online.

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