June 23rd, 2006 by Keith

Laptop 1.0 – Theme to Show Battery Status

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Laptop Battery Status

Posted by Vidak, he has developed a small theme for Linux, known as laptop 1.0, designed to show the battery status.

Based on a’Sensors theme, the idea is that the battery icons and some of the code is obtained from the sk_battery applet, whereas the other parts are taken from the superkaramba examples.

The penguin-menu also has some special feature. Below is his comments, taken from the site:

Note that the penguin-menu appears only when the widget is locked.
I planned first this penguin to hibernate the computer, but this can be done using KLaptop, so it would b useless. If you want to include this feature, I’ve left the icon in the pics directory, you can modify the code, eg. by uncommenting and modifying the last line in laptop.theme.
Don’t forget to modify the paths for the icons in laptop.py!

The file is extremely small (about 55kB), and you can download from it here.

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