June 19th, 2006 by Keith

Linux SUSE 10.2 Alpha 1

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A month later, after SUSE launched its official public release of SUSE 10.1 GM version, OpenSUSE is aiming for the next major release of version 10.2, with its first alpha 1 release.

SUSE Linux 10.2 Alpha 1 is now available for download from the website.

As usual, alpha releases from SUSE are highly buggy. Their first alpha version, is no doubt, the same. It has has one major problem. Other than that, it is highly usable.

  • * The installation using the GUI interface does not work, please select “Text Mode” when booting from CD media
  • * download of release notes does fail (server side issue)

Check out the release annoucements. The ISO downloads is also located here.

The difference between 10.2 Alpha 1 and SL 10.1 is merely mainly in version updates in some areas (esp. the YaST package manager and KDE).

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