June 29th, 2006 by Keith

Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux

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Finally, after several months since the last release of Skype for Linux version, Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux is released!

At first, I thought after eBay acquired Skype, that will be the end of any Skype for Linux platform. Any slight hopes were almost diminished when the last release was dated on 25 October 2005. Anyway, this is a great surprise for Linux users.

Though the Windows version is already at 2.5, Linux version still remains at 1.3 Beta. There are features which are still non-existence in the latter version. However, on the brighter side, Skype is willing to look at improving Skype for Linux shows that they are still intending to target at Linux users.

Change Log

  • * feature: ALSA support (Linux kernel component intended to replace the original Open Sound System)
  • * feature: Alsa/OSS switch in Tools > Options >Sound devices
  • * feature: Multichat: new message indication in chat window title
  • * feature: Options: New sounds dialog
  • * feature: Getting Started Wizard
  • * feature: Options: Checkbox settings for animated emoticons
  • * feature: Profile: Enable mood messages in profile editor and profile viewer
  • * feature: Easier to add new contacts from calls and chats
  • * feature: Options: add mailer program configuration near browser program configuration for mailto: links
  • * change: Updated emoticons, including country flags (football rocks)
  • * change: Updated sounds (now same on all platforms)
  • * change: Options: removed call/chat alerts tabs
  • * change: Profile: Increase Homepage field length in Profile editor to 100 chars.
  • * change: Profile: About me max length = 200 characters
  • * change: Removed “Log in as new user”
  • * change: Removed useless call menu from toolbar
  • * change: Restored user availability on startup
  • * change: Toolbar configure icon is removed (can be found from Tools menu)
  • * change: Topic: removed pop up window
  • * bugfix: Updated some of the icons in the client
  • * bugfix: UI hangs if data files are not readable
  • * bugfix: Login: Skype crashed when signed out
  • * bugfix: Login: Skype crashes, if user Signs Out during the call
  • * bugfix: Login: password and username can be the same
  • * bugfix: Find: reflect chat updates while search is in progress – work around it by disabling search while history is expanding
  • * bugfix: Find: if you search “+”, it is not selected
  • * bugfix: Multichat: topic break the line
  • * bugfix: Multichat: skype crashes, if it starts to sync old chats
  • * bugfix: Multichat: skype no longer crashes when history is expanded.
  • * bugfix: Multichat: the color of system messages changes to gray
  • * bugfix: Multichat: date and time is too small, if you send several messages
  • * bugfix: Multichat: emoticons should have tooltips
  • * bugfix: Multichat: crash on chat window opening or incoming chat message
  • * bugfix: use different colors for text headers (default style)
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: missed events (calls, voicemails) are wrapped
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: reduntant empty chat on event panel
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: missed event is shown too early
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: The word “Chats” remains open
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: New chat event does not go away, even when you’re chating with this person
  • * bugfix: Event Panel: phantom events in UI
  • * bugfix: Send Contacts: Linux UI should filter out my own contact name
  • * bugfix: Voicemail: Can’t send VM from Call List
  • * bugfix: Voicemail: Disable “Send Voicemail” menu item when offline
  • * bugfix: Unauthorized user is shown as offline user (user roster)
  • * bugfix: No ringtone, if you receive callme call from echo123
  • * bugfix: trayalert doesn’t work properly, if pop up and trayalert are enabled
  • * bugfix: Missing field in Profile viewer – Age
  • * bugfix: Information message id displayed if, sound file is bigger than 1 MB
  • * bugfix: Notifications should be checked by default
  • * bugfix: Reduntant sound when call is rejected
  • * bugfix: when in DND do not pop up chat even if Pop up chat is enabled. Also, do not pop up authorization requests in this case
  • * bugfix: ‘Ring PC speaker’ doesn’t work
  • * bugfix: Single or Double click in system tray invokes main window
  • * bugfix: Skype crashes while host hangs up conference call
  • * bugfix: Call Tab is not closed, if you go offline mode
  • * bugfix: UI asks authorization for adding PSTN contacts

System Requirement

  • * 400 MHz processor
  • * 128 MB RAM
  • * 10 MB free disk space on your hard drive
  • * Sound card, speakers and microphone
  • * Internet connection (either dial-up: minimum 33.6 Kbps modem, or any broadband: cable, DSL, etc.)

Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux has several variants, each compiled for your own linux distribution. Find out which one suits yours at this download site.

2 Responses to “Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux”

  1. Keith Says:

    To install Skype 1.3 Beta for Ubuntu Dapper Drake, you can do the following:

    New Installation

    1. Download the new Debian package from this link:
    2. Install using the following command:

      sudo dpkg -i skype-beta-

    3. That will install your Skype under Internet/Skype section.

    For Upgraders

    1. First, make sure you remove the previous Skype installation by using the following command:

      sudo apt-get remove skype

    2. Then, download the new Debian package from this link:
    3. Install using the following command:

      sudo dpkg -i skype-beta-

    4. That will install your Skype under Internet/Skype section.

    It’s quite simple now in Ubuntu Dapper Drake.

  2. @MAX Tray Player Says:

    @MAX Tray Player

    While most open source software projects. The ‘open source’ movement

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