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Small Business Payroll System 1.00 – From OCTATEC

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SB Payroll System

Do you have a small business, or rather a U.K. based one-man company? Sometime calculating the payroll is an extreme headache and most of the time, it is so confusing that employees just take what they are given, as shown on the payslip.

However, things can be made easier with Small Business Payroll System, and definitely much more cost-efficient than employing another accountant to go through your financial woe.

SBpayroll addresses the U.K. Tax and National Insurance calculation and recording tasks required by the Inland Revenue when employing workers, i.e. running a PAYE scheme.

The ledger pages can be exported to .CSV files such that it allows easy sharing of files with your accountant (if any).

The application is available freely to download for trial, but will expire after 28 days.
Within this duration, the software will calculate only the first 3 periods of the year.

Operating System

  • WindowsXP, WindowsME Windows9x, WindowsNT or Windows2000

Small Business Payroll System
[Demo Download]

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