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WebcamXP Pro 2.30.412

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WebcamXP Pro

If you have a webcam sitting in your cupboard? Why not take it out and put it to use, as a form of security camera? WebcamXP Pro is one of the most popular webcam software for both personal and professional use, with unique features that allow users to broadcast or manage video sources.

In addition, the softwares allows user to secure your property or act as a surveillance camera over a covered region, and broadcast the video sources over the internet. It supports management up to 10 video sources per computer, with WebcamXP Pro.

The software supports all video formats for windows or WDM sources and most file-based or ip based sources.

System Requirements:

  • - Windows 98 / ME / NT / XP / 2000 / 2003
  • - DirectX 9 required

Furthermore, it is available in several languages, including English, French and German, and more….

WebcamXP Pro is a very powerful webcam utility that allowing the user to share a webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on the PC. The web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few configuration parameters.

Users can download the trial version for free, which will allow users to test it for 21 days. After which, you may have to purchase a license to use the full functionality of the product. WebcamXP Pro is available for $79.95, whereas WebcamXP Private, a steamlined verison of the former, is available for just $39.95.

If you previously own an older version of this software, you may request for a upgrade at a discounted price.

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