July 23rd, 2006 by Keith

Democracy Player 0.8.5 Beta – Watch Internet TV

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Democracy Player

What would the future be like to for the teleivision industry? Soon, instead of watching films and movies on your television or cinema, users can just logged on to the Internet and access the world of television at their finger tips. The technology has evolved, and when it won’t be too far away when Internet TV starts to creep into our household. That is the demand of the digital technology!

While some of us may be still dreaming if it is possible, there is already one company taking that step ahead to demonstrate its very own Democracy Player, one that allows users to watch Internet TV in one powerful application.

With Democracy Player, there is no more for tiny web video anymore. Users can download and watch the best Internet TV show via any video RSS feed, video podcast, video blog, or even BitTorrent file, in full screen, high resolution playback. Furthermore, Democracy Player is 100% free and open source, and with new channels coming in everyday, the Channel Guide is sure to give users that rich choice of selections.

Available in several platform, the downloads are available from the site, i.e. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Be sure to check out the system requirement before installing them.

New Features

  • - One-Click Subscription
  • - External Torrent Support
  • - Fullscreen Contorl on Windows
  • - Interface Polish
  • - Bug fixes, Speed improvement and tweaks

Check out their Blog Site for updated news on Democracy Player.

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