July 3rd, 2006 by Keith

DeskBrowse 1.0 – An Innovative Web Browser

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For Macintosh users, we have an innovatively-developed web browser just for you. DeskBrowse 1.0 is fast, convenient and a secure web browser, good for your daily use.

Other than being lightweight, DeskBrowse also has a very responsive interface, which allows users to browse the web at fast speed, such that each pages are able to load faster and with smoother scrolling.

As DeskBrowse has two modes of operations, a regular browsing mode and Websposé, which places you in a password-protectable ‘kiosk-mode’ web environment ideal for allowing other users or guests to browse the web safely without any harm coming to your system.

Download Source:
Stable binary source codes, as well as the latest source codes are available for download below.

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