July 24th, 2006 by Keith

Foxit Reader 1.3 – Free Ultra-Lightweight PDF Reader

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Foxit Reader

With Adobe dumping so many functionalities into the latest Adobe Reader, it has almost become such a heavy application for a PDF (Portable Document Format) Reader. It just doesn’t make sense with so many plug-ins embedded inside Adobe Reader, without really requiring them to read a simple PDF file.

Time to put aside those over 5MB size of Acrobat Reader, and try out Foxit Reader 1.3, an extremely lightweight PDF Reader, and the download size is just over 1MB.

With Foxit Reader, there is no need for any installation. Once downloaded, user can start to run it immediately and access any PDF file. The startup speed is fast, as there is no splash screen or annoying “Welcome Screen” to waste your time.

The software is supported under the following platform:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003

Although most PDF files will be supported by Foxit Reader, I reckon that some files, created by the latest Adobe Acrobat edition, and protected by encryption, would remain inaccessible. However, for normal PDF file, this is the absolute choice for everyday usage. Small size and fast.

With free download, licensed under the End User License Agreement (EULA), you would expect this to come in handy. Access the download site to download Foxit Reader 1.3.

Thanks to Dan, who has introduced this in his site, and has highly recommend every user to give it a try. If you don’t agree with me, check out those users’ comments from his site.

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