July 11th, 2006 by Keith

JAJAH – Free Local and International Calls

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An undisputed Skype killer, as quoted by Steve Bass, JaJah aims to take over the Telephony market, currently monopolised by the Skype, a subsidary of eBay Inc., by offering free local and international telephone calls to several countries in the world.

At JaJah’s main page, if you are new user, you may try to call your friends (or any contacts) using the online-based dialling panel. That will connect you directly to the destination’s phone and both you and your contact can use the service for up to 5 minutes for free. To continue using the service, users are requested to register with JaJah for continued free calls.

Though the main page did not provide much clear instructions, but do note that the JaJah Free Global Calling Plan applies to; landlines and mobile calls to and within the following countries:

  • - United States
  • - Canada
  • - China
  • - Hong Kong
  • - Singapore
  • - Taiwan

and applies; to only landlines to and within the following countries:

  • - Australia
  • - UK
  • - Germany
  • - France
  • - Italy
  • - most other European nations

Jajah Rates

It applies when both call participants are registered JAJAH users. In countries where free phone calls are not available, or if someone is calling a non-JAJAH member, then such calls will be subjected to JAJAH’s ultra-low rates (as shown). To find out which zones you belong to, check here.

JaJah isn’t just an online telephony software, there are plug-ins and extension which you can try them out:


3 Responses to “JAJAH – Free Local and International Calls”

  1. Sam Says:


    We have developed a Desktop phone buddy for Jajah, which will take the currently selected number in a windows application and dial the number using a hot key, plus redial and quick dial functionality.

    Great in a business environment, like ours…

    Download at http://www.jajahphonebuddy.com

    please try out and give us feedback….

  2. Bud Hicks Says:

    Do you have a plug-in or any way to get Jajah to work with FileMaker Pro 8 and 8.5?

  3. Keith Says:

    Hi Bud Hicks,
    As far as I know, I have no knowledge if there is any plug-in that makes Jajah works with FileMaker Pro. Alternatively, you can try sending an email to Sam to ask for more detailed information. I’m sure he has more to tell you.


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