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LAN Voice Chat 1.0 – Voice Communication over Local Area Network

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LAN Voice Chat

Dedicated especially for LAN (Local Area Network) communication, LAN Voice Chat 1.0 allows you to call users over the LAN and talk to them as though it is over a phone. This is very similar to, or rather like, those VoIP (Voice over IP) services, such as MSN Messenger,Yahoo Messenger, Skype, GoogleTalk…etc, except that it is only dedicated to LAN networks. Hence, there is no compromise of security as data packets are not transferred over a third-party network.

All that is needed for the equipment is just only a cheap microphone, and you can get voice communication for FREE.

LAN Voice Chat 1.0 is a very small and easy-to-use application. Once each computer is installed with this software and the microphones are plugged in correctly, you will need to set up a list of computers which you want to communicate with in the network, and there you have, an instant new phone system.

To talk to someone in the network, choose a computer and hold the CTRL key. While you hold the Ctrl key the sounds your microphone catches are being transfered to the computer you’ve choosen. The person on the other computer will hear your voice because a part of the application is always active and accepting voice messages.

Some technical details
This version of LAN Voice Chat is tuned for LAN communication and uses around 3kb/s of the network bandwidth which is extremely small size. A special version of the program is also available, which uses only 2Kb/s or less. Thus, it means it can run smoothly even on very slow internet connected networks.

The program is available free to download for evaluation. However, once the evaluation period is over, you will need to register to unlock the program, in order to obtain an unlimited version of the software. There are some special “rules” governing the purchase of the license:

The price has to be at least $1 per computer license and the initial license cannot be less then $7. For donations of $30 and more you can ask your company logo to be put into the application. We can also adjust the application to fit your custom needs-please contact us if you’re interested.

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LAN Voice Chat 1.0

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